OC Bridges Underpass in Fullerton Partially Open for Travel

Through its OC Bridges Program, OCTA is working to improve traffic flow and safety on streets by building a series of bridges – both underpasses and overpasses – to separate cars from trains. These bridges will eliminate the need for commuters and commercial vehicles to stop, wait and waste time at railroad crossings as freight trains pass.

The City of Fullerton and OCTA are constructing a vehicle undercrossing at the intersection of State College Boulevard and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The roadway is being lowered between Santa Fe Avenue to the north to approximately 500 feet south of Valencia Drive to the south.

On January 4, a section of State College Boulevard opened to motorists.  Two northbound lanes and one southbound lane are open for travel along State College Boulevard from Commonwealth Avenue to Fender Avenue. In addition, drivers can use Fender Avenue to travel between State College Boulevard and Placentia. The underpass is expected to open fully later this year.

Two of the seven projects in the OC Bridges Program, the Tustin/Rose and Orangethorpe bridges, were completed and opened to traffic in 2016.
Each OC Bridges project is funded in part by Measure M, the county’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements, and by state and federal funds. For more information about the OC Bridges Program, click here.

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