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New Santa Ana Bus Route Is Convenient for Commuters & Customers

With its government offices, small businesses and eclectic eateries, Downtown Santa Ana is a busy place that attracts workers and customers from all over.

Thanks to a new OC Bus route, getting there and getting around just got a little easier.

OC Bus Route 862 serves Downtown Santa Ana, beginning at the Santa Ana Regional Transportation Center (SARTC) and continuing on Civic Center Drive. It connects with Metrolink trains and other bus routes for an easy commute and eliminates the need to find and pay for parking.

Because this new service operates seven days a week, every 10 minutes during peak time, it’s a good alternative to driving to lunch, dinner, or after-work events in the area.

Please note that Route 462 has been discontinued and replaced by Route 862. In addition, Route 83 has been realigned. Route 862 now serves the Civic Center area.

First-time bus riders can try this new route (and others) for free. Learn more here.

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