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Move over, OCTA Bus – Here Comes OC Bus

Move over, OCTA Bus – Here Comes OC Bus

As part of its OC Bus rebranding campaign, OCTA is making it easier than ever for bus riders to plan, pay and ride when they journey by bus for work, play and school.

According to a recent ridership survey, many people hesitate to climb aboard because they don’t know how to ride. While OCTA buses have always been clean, safe, convenient and easy to use, the introduction of the OC Bus brand provided the ideal opportunity to reaffirm that positive message with a variety of upbeat, integrated material.  Ads onboard buses and online direct viewers to a new website and printed ride guides that provide the simple but comprehensive steps needed to hop aboard with knowledge and confidence.

The mobile-friendly website uses an entertaining video and clear messaging to encourage potential riders to simply plan, pay and ride to their destination while motivating them with promotional offers and destination deals. In addition, four printed pocket-friendly ride guides are available featuring selected bus routes with frequencies of 15 minutes or less. Both the website and ride guides are designed to meet the needs of on-the-go travelers.

OC Bus is part of a branding effort that phases out OCTA’s 20-year-old bus design and replaces it with a new look featuring a light blue-and-orange wave and the words OC Bus. Between late 2015 and early 2017, OCTA will replace more than 40 percent of its bus fleet with 201 compressed natural gas-powered buses. These new buses will be painted prior to delivery with the new branding. Current buses are being updated with OC Bus logo decals.

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