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More Daylight Means More Biking to Work

More Daylight Means More Biking to Work

The clocks spring ahead on March 12, ushering in daylight savings time and an extra hour of visibility. It’s a great time to think about adding a bike ride to your daily commute.

OC Bus is very bike-friendly. Each bus has a bike rack on the front that can carry two bikes at a time. Bike racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the rack is full, bikes are not permitted inside buses, except for the last trip of the day. For tips on how to take your bike on the bus, click here.

Metrolink trains can also accommodate bikes. Bikes are allowed on ALL Metrolink train cars and each train car is designed to hold three bikes.  Available on select trains, bike cars are designed to hold 9 bikes on the lower level.  Cars are identified by a yellow “Bike Car” decal on the side of the train. Check out the guidelines here.

Southern California has abundant biking trails that connect with public transportation. To download an Orange County bike map, click here.


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