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More Bike Capacity on Buses Will Help OC Cyclists

More Bike Capacity on Buses Will Help OC Cyclists

This summer, OCTA will begin installing racks that will hold up to three bikes at once on the front of its buses, expanding bicycle-carrying capacity by 50 percent. Currently, most OC Buses have room for only two bicycles.

“Adding bicycle capacity on OC Buses is an important step for helping cyclists around Orange County more conveniently access their first and last mile connections,” said OCTA Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett, also the county’s Fifth District Supervisor.

OCTA operates its 484 40-foot compressed-natural-gas-powered buses on 65 routes across the county, serving more than 5,500 bus stops.

Currently, cyclists often need to wait for the next bus because the racks are full. Adding a third slot for an additional bike on each bus will greatly improve efficiency for those who commute via bike and bus.

The OCTA Board of Directors approved a contract with Complete Coach Works for $745,000 for the purchase and installation of up to 484 three-position bicycle racks with an option to purchase an additional 73 racks. Funding is provided by the state’s Low Carbon Transit Operations Program.

The new bike racks are expected to be installed in phases, approximately 100 at a time, beginning late this summer.

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