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Metrolink Unveils New Locomotives and GPS Tracker

Metrolink Unveils New Locomotives and GPS Tracker

Earlier this month, Metrolink introduced new locomotives that will reduce emissions by up to 85% and result in more reliable train service for SoCal commuters.

State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León joined local, state and federal officials and leaders from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and Metrolink for the first clean powered ride on a train pulled by Metrolink’s new Tier 4 locomotives, the cleanest, most powerful and safest diesel engines of any major commuter rail agency in the nation. OCTA Director Shawn Nelson, who is also on the Metrolink Board of Directors, was in attendance.

Purchased at a cost of approximately $280 million including a grant of $111 million from SCAQMD, the Tier 4 locomotive fleet is Metrolink’s next generation of train engines and represents a major advance for improving the region’s air quality.

Tier 4 locomotives will reduce emissions by up to 85 percent over standard diesel engines. When all 40 of these Tier 4 locomotives are in service it will be equivalent to reducing the annual emissions of 31,320 vehicles.

The locomotives are more fuel efficient (8 percent compared to Tier 0), more powerful (64 percent more horsepower) and safer. They’re equipped with Positive Train Control and crash management system absorbing energy in the event of a collision to protect passengers.

In addition, Metrolink launched a new website that features a global positioning system (GPS) tracking tool to locate trains in real time.

 The new website makes it easier for riders to plan their trip and get updates on promotions and special events.

Service advisories are clearly displayed on the improved website and, now with the GPS Train Tracker feature, passengers can find out in real time where their trains are. Later this year the GPS tool will be able to pinpoint arrival times of Metrolink trains at stations.

To visit the new Metrolink website, click here.

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