Metrolink Mobile App Users Can Transfer Seamlessly to LA Metro Rail lines

For the first time, Metrolink riders who purchase a mobile ticket through the mobile app can transfer to LA Metro Rail lines by simply scanning their phone at locked LA Metro Rail gates.

Nearly a third of Metrolink riders transfer to Metro Rail on their way to jobs, school and other destinations. Many use a mobile app to ride Metrolink. Conductors scan their phones to check their tickets aboard trains. Until now, however, Metrolink riders transferring to the LA Metro subway or light rail lines had to find a ticket vending machine to purchase a TAP-enabled paper ticket.  

No more. With new optic readers now installed at all gated LA Metro Rail stations, mobile app users can just scan their phones and get through.

Los Angeles is a popular Metrolink destination for travelers from Orange County. In fact, it’s the OC Metrolink Station of the Month. Discover how easy it is to take the train to the City of Angels and all the great things you can do what you get there, plus ways to save just by showing your Metrolink ticket. Find out more here

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