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Metrolink Celebrates 27 Years

Metrolink commuter rail has served southern California for nearly 30 years, providing convenient car-free transportation for commuters and weekend adventurers.

During that time, Metrolink continually added new routes, including the three that serve Orange County: Orange County (Orange County, Inland Empire-Orange County,  91/Perris Valley). 

A little history:

In March 1994, the Orange County Line opened with three weekday round-trips between Los Angeles Union Station and Oceanside, becoming the agency’s fifth and longest route in the system.

Metrolink expanded its service again by providing the nation’s first suburb-to-suburb commuter rail line when it opened the Inland Empire – Orange County Line in October 1995.

Looking again to increase connectivity in the region, Metrolink opened the seventh route in 2002: the 91 Line (now known as the 91/Perris Valley Line) which linked Downtown Riverside, Fullerton and Downtown Los Angeles.

Last year, the three lines serving Orange County recorded a total of 5.1 million boardings.

Fun Facts About Metrolink:

  • Metrolink is the nation’s 3rd largest commuter rail system with 409 unduplicated route miles.
  • 2.8 million train miles per year and 400 million passenger miles per year.
  • 39,838 average weekday boardings, according to the latest estimates.
  • Metrolink has a very low tax subsidy of $0.35 per passenger mile.
  • 60% of Metrolink riders travel across county lines.
  • 81% of weekday trips are work-related.
  • 82% of Metrolink riders own an automotive but choose Metrolink.

Metrolink’s service:

  • Reduces 8.7 million car trips annually.
  • Reduces 110,338 metric tons of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emission.
  • Reduces traffic volume by 30% on parallel freeways.

Discover more about Metrolink’s history in the article Metrolink Celebrates 27 Years.


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