Measure M Continues to Deliver on Promises

According to a review by the Measure M Taxpayers Oversight Committee, this is the 26th year in a row that OCTA has kept the promises made in Measure M and delivered significant transportation improvements to the residents of Orange County.

On April 24, the OCTA Board of Directors reviewed the committee’s findings. The Taxpayer Oversight Committee held its annual Measure M public hearing April 13 and unanimously found that OCTA is proceeding in accordance with the ordinance that was renewed by 70 percent of voters in 2006.

The independent, 11-member oversight committee was formed to monitor OCTA’s use of Measure M funding, approve all changes to the Measure M investment plan and hold annual public hearings on the expenditure of funds generated by the sales-tax measure.

“The Taxpayer Oversight Committee is vital to ensuring that Orange County residents receive all of the improvements promised to them through Measure M,” said OCTA Chairman Michael Hennessey. “We are very proud that for the 26th consecutive year, an independent review has found OCTA is safeguarding and properly administering the tax dollars entrusted to our agency.”

Since 1990, hundreds of local projects have been completed that help residents travel more easily, including improvements to freeways, widened streets, synchronized traffic signals and improved intersections. Measure M also makes Metrolink commuter-rail service in Orange County possible. 

Measure M is expected to generate $14.2 billion to fund transportation improvements through 2041. Freeways will receive 43 percent of the funding, streets and roads receive 32 percent and transit receives 25 percent of M dollars. Measure M’s freeway program includes funding for an environmental program that preserves and restores natural habitat and improves water quality.

For more information about Measure M or the Taxpayers Oversight Committee, visit here.

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