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Local News Features Video of Orange County’s Open Spaces

Local News Features Video of Orange County’s Open Spaces

When Orange County voters approved the extension of a sales tax for transportation improvements, a benefit was the conservation of open spaces. As part of the Measure M Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program, a comprehensive plan that preserves and restores natural habitats and allows for expedited delivery of freeway projects, OCTA has acquired seven properties.

Recently, a crew from ABC 7 stopped by to take a look at OCTA’s most recent acquisition, the Aliso Canyon property in Laguna Beach. In the video, the soaring drones-eye view of the preserve is accompanied by OCTA Director Lori Donchak’s comments on the concept of open space and why the land acquisition is positive for the people of Orange County. Watch the video here.

For more information about the wilderness areas acquired through Measure M, click here

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