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Lighthearted Videos Explain the Complex I-405 Improvement Project

Lighthearted Videos Explain the Complex I-405 Improvement Project

The largest project in OCTA’s history, the I-405 Improvement Project will improve 16 miles of I-405 and add one regular lane in each direction from Euclid Street to I-605. It will also construct the 405 Express Lanes from SR-73 to I-605.

Explaining the effects and benefits of this 16-mile freeway widening project can be challenging – unless you have expert help. Jim Gibbons, champion bowler, talk show host, and all around bon vivant, stars in two I-405 Improvement Project videos that both educate and entertain.

Though Gibbons is fiction, his messaging is fact. After watching the fast-paced videos, viewers will have answers to many of their questions and understand everything from the new express lanes to the construction plan.

Project videos are a proven way to engage and inform people about a complicated project. As construction on the I-405 Improvement Project gets underway, OCTA will share the videos with the community on its website, through social media, and promote through cities and chambers of commerce within the construction area.

Learn more about the I-405 Improvement Project here.

Watch the videos here.

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