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Keeping Promises to Voters for 29 Years in a Row

Despite lower sales tax revenue forecasts due to the pandemic, for the 29th consecutive year an independent committee has determined that OCTA is keeping its promises to Orange County voters regarding the use of OC Go transportation sales tax funds.

OC Go, also known as Measure M, is a 30-year half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Orange County through 2041. After experiencing the success and progress of the original Measure M, nearly 70% of voters renewed the half-cent sales tax in 2006 to launch OC Go.

The Taxpayer Oversight Committee (TOC) was formed to monitor OCTA’s use of OC Go funding, approve all changes to the OC Go investment plan and hold annual public hearings.

The original Measure M made possible more than $4 billion worth of transportation improvements to help Orange County residents, workers and visitors travel more efficiently throughout all parts of the county.

Since 1990, hundreds of local projects have been completed that help residents travel more easily, including improvements to freeways, widened streets, synchronized traffic signals and improved intersections. Measure M also made possible Metrolink commuter-rail service in Orange County. 

To see how OC Go puts local tax dollars to work, visit here.

For more information about the Taxpayers Oversight Committee, visit here.

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