Join or Start a Vanpool in 2017

If saving money and time appeals to you, perhaps a vanpool is in your future.

A vanpool is a group of people who save money (often $250 or more per person per month), time, and stress on their commute by combining resources to lease a vehicle and then drive it to work together on a daily basis.

This “super carpool” requires only five riders, designated pickup location(s) and similar work destinations and work schedules. Commuters who live 15 miles or more from their worksite and work set full-time hours are prime candidates.

OCTA helps both employers and individual commuters with their vanpool plans and also provides an incentive of $400 per month for each van. This year, OCTA introduced the first app in Southern California that makes it quicker and easier to report the vanpool trips needed to get the $400 subsidy.

Currently, OCTA has 517 vanpools and 93 participating employers. These 500+ vanpools take approximately 3,000 cars off the road daily. In addition, each vanpool eliminates 12,500 pounds of CO2 per month, or roughly 78 billion pounds per year.
OCTA has a vanpool specialist who can help you or your company get rolling with a vanpool. Visit here to learn more or contact Kristopher Hewkin at or (714) 560-5331.

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