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Introducing Taco Transit Tuesday

Want more fun on Tuesdays? Ride transit. Eat free tacos!

Tacos and Tuesdays go together, at least in southern California. Families plan their weekly menus around the Tuesday specials at their local Mexican restaurant.

Now OCTA has added a new twist to the mix – transit. Here’s how it works: On Tuesdays, stop by any Southern California Wahoo's Fish Tacos location (see our handy map). Show a valid OC Bus, OC Flex, or Metrolink pass. Purchase a #1 combo....and get a free taco!

It’s a tasty way to encourage folks to leave their cars home and take transit one day a week to save money, reduce congestion, and cut down on pollution.

Find out more about Taco Transit Tuesday here.

See you at Wahoo’s on Tuesday!

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