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In Honor of Emergency Preparedness Month, Five Tips for Bus Riders

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. It’s a great time to think about what we need to do to stay safe at all times and in all places.

OC Bus takes emergency preparedness seriously. We train for hours to make sure that we can assist our passengers, no matter what life throws their way. Earthquakes. Severe weather. Long power outages. These can all affect bus service. Even though these events are unlikely, it's smart to be prepared.

Be the one to ride prepared with these five tips:

  • Bring snacks
    Before you head off on your trip on OC Bus, throw a granola bar into your bag. In an emergency, you'll be glad you had a little energy boost!
  • Carry water
    Stay hydrated when you ride OC Bus. That is a fancy term for taking a drink of liquid from time to time. In case of an emergency, it's great to have a bottle on board.
  • Have extra medications
    If you require medication on a regular basis, you probably already know it's important to carry extra just in case you can’t make it home in time. Take some along on your  OC Bus trips.
  • Follow instructions
    OC Bus is one of the safest places to be in most emergencies. OC Buses have closed-circuit cameras and every driver is trained to handle the unexpected. Being prepared is also being a good listener. Please follow instructions from our driver and take advantage of their training.
  • Plan with family
    In the event of an unlikely event, it might be some time before you can reconnect with family. Cell phone service could even be interrupted. Experts say that it's always good to create a family plan that includes a central meeting point. OC Bus suggests that you let people know what routes you will be taking as well.

Find out more about emergency preparedness here.

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