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How to Tame a Mega Project, According to OCTA

With huge projects like the I-405 Improvement Project on deck, OCTA is no stranger to complex endeavors. Last month, CEO Darrell Johnson shared insights about OCTA’s biggest project during a panel discussion entitled How to Tame a Mega Project while attending the Self-Help Counties Coalition’s (SHCC) 30th annual Focus on the Future Conference.

The premier conference attracted more than 800 people and provided a forum for self-help counties and other transportation agencies, elected officials and private sector representatives to share experiences and highlight upcoming projects.

During the panel discussion, Johnson highlighted OCTA’s efforts and some of the milestones on the I-405 Improvement Project along with the challenges of delivering a project of this magnitude.

What is a mega project? Johnson favors the definition of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as projects with federal assistance that are more than $500 million in costs. 

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