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How to Stay Up to Speed on I-405 Progress

As we continue to make improvements on the I-405,  there’s quite a bit going on. The $1.9 billion I-405 Improvement Project will add one regular lane in each direction between Euclid Street and I-605, and a second lane in the center of the freeway between SR-73 and I-605 that will combine with the existing carpool lanes to form the 405 Express Lanes. In addition, more than 18 bridges will be built, widened or replaced to make room for the widened freeway to improve local intersections and traffic, as well as add bike lanes and sidewalks to the bridges.

Currently, 10 bridges are under construction. After completion of the Slater Avenue bridge, the Bushard Street and Talbert Avenue bridges are anticipated to be demolished later this summer or in early fall.

Stay up to speed on activities with the following tools.

The convenient I-405 Improvement Project app provides everything needed to stay informed in real time on construction activities, detours, and project progress. You’ll also have access to the interactive map and Waze. Download the app today in the iTunes or Google Play store for a more well-informed ride.

OCTA’s partnership with Waze provides commuters with the project’s closure and detour information through the Waze navigation app, which is linked to our interactive map.

Other useful tools include the text, call and email alerts. All keep travelers informed about closures, detours, bridge demolitions, and other major construction activities during the I-405 Improvement Project.

Text and email subscribers receive a weekly message letting them know that the construction alert is available and the project’s closures and detours have been updated on the interactive map. Call alerts are also sent for major activities. To sign up for alerts, please visit the project website and click on the Stay Connected tab.

For more information about the 405 Improvement Project, visit octa.net/405improvement

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