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Help Shape the Future of Transportation in Orange County

Every four years, OCTA develops a blueprint for the future that examines the county’s expected transportation needs, accounting for changes in demographics, the economy, and available funding.

Just released, the draft 2018 long range plan analyzes travel conditions based on projections for 2040, which assume a 10 percent growth in population, 11 percent growth in housing, and 17 percent growth in employment in Orange County.

The plan details projects and services aimed at accommodating the increasing need for transportation.   It also explores how emerging innovations – including autonomous and electric vehicles and Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft – might impact transportation.

OCTA is asking the public to provide feedback on the draft plan. There are four ways  you can offer input, including a telephone town hall on Sept. 12, a community open house on Sept. 22, and an online survey and K-college art contest, both available now. To learn more about the long-range plan and how to voice your opinion, click here.

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