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Help Plan Tomorrow’s Transportation Today

Help Plan Tomorrow’s Transportation Today

Twenty-plus years from now, what will it be like to travel through Orange County? Your input will help shape that future as part of Designing Tomorrow 2040, OCTA’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

In the next 20 years, Orange County is expected to experience:

·      10 percent increase in population
·      11 percent increase in housing
·      17 percent increase in employment
·      66 percent increase in the time spent in traffic if no additional improvements are made to Orange County's transportation system.

Because vacant land adjacent to freeways is scarce, there are few opportunities for significant freeway expansion beyond what is already planned through Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. Future transportation projects will focus on improving the efficiency of the existing system to accommodate the growing travel demand. Proposed solutions include enhancing mass transit, ridesharing and utilizing managed lanes.

Designing Tomorrow 2040 will identify the projects that best address the needs of the system based on expected population, housing and employment growth, and financial and revenue assumption forecasts.

Please help OCTA prioritize improvements that will affect your daily journey throughout the county by taking this survey. Your opinion is important and can make a difference.

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