Happy Rideshare Week! Try a New Way to Work

Do you commute to work by yourself in a single vehicle? During California Rideshare from October 3 to 7, try sharing the ride in a carpool, vanpool, bus, or train or get active by biking or walking. All these transportation alternatives can help you save money on gas and help improve the environment by taking cars off the road.

No matter which you choose, OCTA can help. Through its Rideshare Program, OCTA helps commuters, employers and everyday travelers explore alternative modes of transportation. Get a free Day Pass here to try commuting on a cool, clean OC Bus or hopping aboard for a shopping trip or a visit to the beach. Save time and money by vanpooling with special incentives through October 31. Metrolink trains are a great transportation option for traveling within OC and beyond, and everything you need to get started is right here. And if you choose to walk or bike, check out the OC Loop, 66 miles of seamless connections and an opportunity for people to bike, walk and connect to some of California’s most scenic beaches and inland reaches.

Rideshare Week is sponsored by Experian™ and Spectrumotion.

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