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Groups Can Learn to Travel Locally without Driving

OC Flex, Orange County’s convenient on-demand curb-to-curb shuttle service, is a great way to get around without the hassle and inconvenience of driving.

Groups who like to travel together to the movies, meals, and other activities can save 50 percent on group rides. When booked using the OC Flex Mobile App, unlimited all-day travel is only $4.50 for two, $6.75 for three, and $9 for four travelers. The offer is available all day, every day.

To help riders learn about OC Flex and the ease and cost effectiveness of group travel, OCTA recently launched the free OC Flex Travel Advisor Program. An OCTA representative will meet with groups and show them some of the fun places they can go and how easy it is to book rides with the app. Call Cristina Ranslem at 714-560-5923 to schedule OC Flex training. Learn more about OC Flex here.


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