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Green Your Ride with Help from OCTA

As part of its efforts to provide a balanced and sustainable transportation system for the people of Orange County, OCTA offers many public transportation options that help take cars off the road and reduce carbon emissions.

Here are a few ways that public transportation can help green your ride:

  • For work and play, both OC Bus (59 routes and 54,000 stops) and Metrolink (12 Orange County stations) can get you where you need to go with no concerns about traffic or parking.
  • Commute to work in a vanpool. OCTA helps pay the monthly cost by covering roughly 25% of fees and will also help your employer set up a corporate vanpool program. Learn more about OC Vanpool.
  • Bike to work with a little help from OC Bus or Metrolink. Pedal to a convenient bus stop or train station and load your bike onboard for the rest of your journey. Learn more here under the tab Bikes on Transit.
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