Getting to Know the Stakeholders along the I-405

As it moves forward on the I-405 Improvement Project, a major step in speeding travel for roughly 370,000 daily drivers between Costa Mesa and the Los Angeles County line, OCTA works hard to prepare project stakeholders far in advance prior to the start of construction.

One tried and tested method is ascertainment, a high-touch, grassroots strategic research process that supports communication goals. Through in-person interviews with individuals and organizations, OCTA gains insight about how to address issues or challenges before proposing solutions. This two-way communication helps the project team develop a rapport with the community and enhance its reputation as a trusted source of information. Ascertainment also puts a face to the project and ensures that stakeholders know who to call with questions or concerns once the project is in full swing.

Through the ascertainment process, OCTA is wrapping up 2016 with the completion of 32 group meetings and 24 one-on-one meetings. Most recently, OCTA met with the Costco Business Center in Westminster and with a group of senior citizens at Asian American Senior Services Center in Santa Ana.

To find out more about scheduling an I-405 Project presentation, call (888) 400-8994 or email the team at

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