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Get Active and Take Our Walking Survey

Get Active and Take Our Walking Survey

As part of our mission to encourage residents to leave their cars home and try alternate methods of traveling through beautiful Orange County, OCTA champions active transportation. That’s the term for human-powered transportation such as cycling, walking, skating or even skateboarding, and it promotes sustainability and healthy, happy lifestyles.

During the past few years, OCTA has encouraged active transportation through projects such as the Regional Bikeway Strategies, the Pedestrian Action Plan, and the OC Loop Advancement.

Now OCTA is preparing OC Active, Orange County’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan, a project that will identify areas and opportunities of improvement for active transportation countywide. This will make active transportation a more reliable mode of transportation within Orange County.

We need your help to make OC Active successful. We have lots of great information about cycling but need your input on walking in OC. Click here to take the survey.

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