Five Reasons to Commute by Bike

Here in temperate Orange County, we can commute by bike year round. Here are some thoughts from the League of American Bicyclists that may encourage you to start riding to work.

Commuting by bike can help you:

Fight pollution:
Bikes don’t produce toxic substances that pollute the ground, air and water.

Stay fit:
Bike commuting makes it easier to include a daily workout and may reduce stress.

Avoid traffic delays:
Off-road trails, bike lanes and wide curb lanes allow you to ride past traffic.

Save money
Save on vehicle maintenance costs, gas, and parking.

Enjoy your commute
Arrive at work refreshed and full of energy; ride off stress after work. Take the long way home and ride through a park or along a local river.

Learn more about Orange County bikeways here. Also, consider using your bike ride as the first and last part of your Metrolink commute. Find out more here.

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