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Enjoy Metrolink Destinations Virtually – No Train Required

To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, OCTA encourages all those who can to follow the Governor’s order to stay home. Armchair traveling, however, has no limits.

Many destinations near Metrolink stations have virtual content that will transport you (mentally if not physically) and entertain you during this time of sheltering at home. Until we meet again on an actual Metrolink train, here are some favorites.

Beautiful Casa Romantica in San Clemente offers online art, music, and activities for adults and kids.

Plan an Oceanside virtual vacation and imagine how nice it will feel to dip your toes in the water and enjoy a beachside picnic.

Experience the amazing creativity of Santa Ana’s visual and musical artists during the Digital Artwalk. There’s a new artwalk the first Saturday of every month.

The fun online Eco Challenge from Discovery Zone in Santa Ana will transform your family into green superheroes.

Stroll the beautiful and peaceful grounds of the Mission San Juan Capistrano with this video.

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