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Design Your Own Transit System

Design Your Own Transit System

We all have opinions about what elements should go into a transit system. Should there be more late night and early morning service? What type of transit would be best – buses, express buses, or streetcar? What about offering on-demand services in certain areas? And can all these services be offered within budget limitations?

These are just a few of the considerations in the Build Your Own System survey, a fast, fun way to design your own transit system by selecting from various features that could enhance transit in Orange County. As you develop your transit system, you can see the benefits – such as enhanced ridership, travel time, accessibility, or passenger experience – change in real-time. To stay within budget, you’ll need to make tradeoffs in choosing features and priorities.

Spend just a few minutes designing your perfect transit world and help OCTA shape the future of transit. The information you submit will be used to develop the OC Transit Vision, which will take a high-level look at long-term transit needs throughout the County as well as important connections to transit projects from other local transit agencies. The OC Transit Vision also will identify a series of corridors that could lead to smoother, more efficient journeys on public transportation options like bus rapid transit and fixed-guideway alternatives such as streetcars. Learn more about the OC Transit Vision here.

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