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Counting Down the Final Weeks of I-5 Construction

Counting Down the Final Weeks of I-5 Construction

Work is finishing up on the I-5 South County Improvements Project, a $230 million widening of I-5 to extend carpool lanes from San Juan Capistrano to San Clemente that includes the complete reconstruction of the Avenida Pico interchange.

The project is approaching several milestones in the last few weeks of work. Here’s a look by segment:

San Juan Creek Road to PCH/Camino Las Ramblas

Crews have finished placing the final cap of asphalt and are striping lanes into their final configuration on this section of the project, which is expected to wrap up in early March.

PCH/Camino Las Ramblas to Avenida Vista Hermosa

Crews are expected to remove debris along the median in the coming weeks to prepare this segment for final striping. The work is expected to finish up by mid-March.

Avenida Vista Hermosa to Avenida Pico

Last month, final paving and striping was completed on Avenida Pico, and the roadway is now in its final configuration. Over the next few weeks, crews will be finalizing signal timing and completing landscaping. On the freeway, crews still need to place final paving and striping, which requires nighttime temperatures of 50 degrees or higher. Work on this segment is scheduled to be completed by early March.

Look for the carpool lanes to open up by mid- to late March. For more information or to sign up for construction alerts, visit here.

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