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Chairwoman Bartlett Announces the OCTA Board’s Strategic Initiatives

Chairwoman Bartlett Announces the OCTA Board’s Strategic Initiatives

Chairwoman Lisa Bartlett recently announced the OCTA Board of Directors’ strategic initiatives for 2018, concentrating on delivering capital projects, developing sustainable transportation plans and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

“We are looking forward to a very productive 2018 and these initiatives reflect the board’s solid focus on delivering projects and programs that make it easier and more efficient to get around Orange County,” said Chairwoman Bartlett, also the Fifth District supervisor. 

The strategic initiatives include:

  • Delivering capital projects
    • Advance construction on I-5 and I-405 improvement projects, kick off the OC Streetcar project construction and commission into service OCTA’s first hydrogen fueling station.
  • Maximizing funding opportunities
    • Execute the OC Streetcar New Starts grant agreement, seek fair distribution of SB 1 funding to Orange County projects and award Measure M grants for community-based transit services.
  • Developing sustainable transportation plans
    • Finalize the 2018 Long-Range Transportation Plan, set a long-term vision through the countywide Transit Master Plan and complete the first countywide active transportation plan.
  • Strengthening regional partnerships
    • Collaborate with LA Metro on regional plans and update the SR-91 Implementation Plan with Riverside County Transportation Commission.
  • Modernizing transit services
    • Launch OC Flex service pilot projects, integrate hydrogen fuel-cell buses into fleet mix and complete installation of bus mobile ticket readers.
  • Championing fiscal responsibility
    • Update the 20-year comprehensive business plan, approve a collective bargaining agreement for coach operators and ensure success of Measure M Next 10 delivery plan.

The initiatives guide OCTA and prioritize activities throughout the year.

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