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CEO Discusses Zero-Emission Strategy in Industry Publication

CEO Discusses Zero-Emission Strategy in Industry Publication

As part of a nationwide panel of transportation leaders, CEO Darrell Johnson discussed OCTA’s zero-emission bus strategy in the industry publication Passenger Transport.

Seven experts responded to the question, “With environmental and financial concerns assuming ever-greater importance for public transportation systems, what do you consider are the most significant challenges and opportunities facing the electrification of buses?”

Johnson outlined the steps OCTA has taken to proactively integrate new technologies and zero-emission vehicles ahead of regulatory requirements. He also explained OCTA’s measured approach that weighs costs and benefits: “I see reason for optimism in the new technology to further decrease emissions, and it may prove to be a cost savings in the long term by potentially lowering maintenance costs. But more testing is needed, so OCTA will continue on the path of reducing emissions and testing emerging technologies while ensuring that we’re doing so efficiently and sustainably.”

To read the article, click here.

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