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Bring Bikes and Boards along for the Ride

When you take public transportation to summer fun, it’s easy to bring your bike or surfboard, too.

All Metrolink trains have bike/board cars. The lower levels are equipped with multiple stalls designed to hold three bikes each. In addition, some trains are equipped with special bike cars that hold 9 bikes on the lower level. Bike cars are identified by a yellow “Bike Car” decal on the side of the train.

It’s a breeze to take your surfboard to San Clemente Pier and Oceanside North Strand beaches. All designated bike/board cars have the capacity for five surfboards in the surf netting carriers. Learn more about Metrolink’s bike and board policy here.

Traveling by OC Bus to one of the famous beaches along Route 1? Go ahead and bring your bike or board. There’s a bike rack on the front of each bus that will hold two bikes.

Surfboards are permitted on the bus as long as they do not exceed 6 feet 6 inches long. Check out OC Bus tips here for transporting bikes and boards.

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