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Bloggers on the Bus

Bloggers on the Bus

OC bloggers are riding OC bus and sharing their experiences with readers.

When Sondra’s car was in the shop, she hopped on OC Bus and went to brunch: “I don’t think most people in Orange County realize how easy, convenient and clean the OC Bus actually is. They reminded me a lot of the shuttles you take at Disneyworld. In an effort to reduce pollution and do my part to help the environment, I’m dedicating my post to showing my fun brunch trip on the OC Bus!” Follow along on the rest of her adventure at Pretty Fit Foodie.

Several bloggers who are also moms discovered that OC Bus is a great way to go somewhere with kids without the distraction of driving and parking.

Says Shelby, “Ever since my two teenagers started riding the OC Bus to school at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), they keep telling me how much fun the bus is to ride. When trying to plan something fun and unique to do with the kids, I decided to take them on a Downtown Disney day trip with OC Bus.” Read more about their fun trip at OC Mom Blog.

Angela used a bus ride with her kids as a learning opportunity: “My kids have learned to navigate, purchase tickets, and use their mobile devices for bus times and updates. OC Bus makes it super easy to navigate around town and get to our favorite destinations.” Discover 5 Awesome Reasons to Ride OC Bus with Your Kids at the blog Queen Bee Latina.

OC mom Kristin shares why learning about mass transit is important for kids in her blog Our Ordinary Life: “I wanted to teach my kids about knowing how to ride public transportation. As they get older, they may decide to use the bus or have to rely on the bus during their university and college years. They may forgo a car and rely on car sharing and Mass transit to save money, who knows. Taking a bus and public transportation can save on gas, parking fees and, in some cases, time. No matter what, it is important for kids to understand how to use these vital systems.”


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