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Bike Sharing Program Coming Soon to Fullerton

Bike Sharing Program Coming Soon to Fullerton

OCTA’s new bike share program, BikeLink, is currently under beta testing and is coming to Fullerton soon. For a nominal fee, customers will be able to check out, ride, and return bikes from kiosks located in key areas of the community. It’s an easy, convenient alternative for short commutes and errands.

The two-year pilot program will ultimately feature BikeLink stations located at 15 destinations throughout the city, including the Fullerton Transportation Center, college campuses, and shopping centers. Bikes can be checked out and returned at any station.

BikeLink Access Passes cost $5 for a 1-Day Pass and $12 for a 7-Day pass. Annual memberships are available to frequent users for $75. There is also a discounted $45 annual membership for students.

Access Passes and memberships offer unlimited free bike use at 30-minute intervals. Bike rides lasting longer than 30 minutes will incur an overtime charge of $2 to $5 per 30 minutes.

Aside from saving money, another benefit for annual BikeLink members is access to an online dashboard that tracks mileage, calories burned, and estimated environmental emission reductions.

Learn more at www.octa.net/bikelink.

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