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Aliso Viejo Mayor Recommends OC Flex for Short Trips

In his September message to the City of Aliso Viejo, Mayor Ross Chun shared some of the benefits of OC Flex. Here’s what he said:

How do we transport our children to school, Town Center, and their friends’ homes or local parks when they want to socialize, exercise, or just hang out? How do adults in a single-car household get around if their car is being serviced? Many people in our community face transportation challenges at times.

Across our county, the Orange County Transportation Authority is working to address regional and statewide concerns with new and innovative public programs. In our City, OCTA has implemented OC Flex, a unique pilot program that is helping to address short-trip challenges folks face every day.

The premise is similar to other ride-sharing programs but with a twist: Smaller specially designed shuttle vans offer the service at an affordable rate.

OC Flex is OCTA's new on-demand, curb-to-curb shuttle service serving two zones in Orange County – including parts of Aliso Viejo – seven days a week. Inside each OC Flex zone, you can take unlimited rides to work, play or fun for $4.50 per day with the OC Flex mobile app or $5 per day if paying with cash on-board.

The service during the pilot program is primarily funded with a grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee, which supports projects that take cars off the road and reduce air pollution.

Since bicycling and walking are not always viable transportation options for people shopping or heading around town, OC Flex is a great resource to check out!  

Learn more about OC Flex here.

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