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5 Habits of a Top Commuter Workplace

With help from OCTA, OC employers can offer valuable benefits to commuters, including those who carpool, vanpool, or take the bus or train.

Research shows that employers gain by offering commuter benefits:

  • Better recruitment
  • Higher retention rates
  • Higher productivity rates
  • Reduced payroll taxes
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Here are five ways to get rolling.

#1. Offer Commuter Incentives

Top commuter workplaces reward their employees. Examples include:

  • Transit pass subsidies
  • Telework and compressed work weeks
  • Assigned parking for carpools
  • Cash gifts for bicyclists

This year, Orange County’s City of Anaheim and CSU-Fullerton earned prestigious spots on the 2018 List of Best Workplaces for Commuters by offering excellent commuter incentives.

Pro tip: Let OCTA brainstorm custom ideas for your worksite. Contact brionna@celtis.com.

#2. Plan Rideshare Fairs

Rideshare and Benefit Fairs are essential to getting the word out to employees about benefits. Rideshare Week is October 1-5, so it’s a great time to encourage ridesharing.

Pro tip: Get free Rideshare Week materials here.

#3. Host Vanpool Formation Meetings

A vanpool is much more than a super carpool – it saves time, money and stress. To speed interest and coordination, hold a meeting to discuss. OCTA can help.

Pro tip: OCTA provides a $400 monthly incentive to offset the monthly agreement or rental fee charged by a van provider under contract with OCTA.  Contact khewkin@octa.net.

#4. Buy Bus Passes

Did you know employers can buy discounted bus passes? Only a minimum of 10 bus riders are needed to enroll into OCTA’s Perk Pass program, which charges employees just $1.25 per fare (a 63% discount). Employees can use the passes any day, any time, and on any OC Bus route, while employers save significantly in parking fees.

Pro tip: Win 5 free passes just by scheduling an info meeting! Contact brionna@celtis.com.

#5. Attend OCTA events

OCTA’s goal is to provide commuters and employers with commuting and transportation solutions that meet their unique needs. In addition to offering rideshare programs, OCTA also hosts free Employer Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Marketing Workshops to help with event planning, campaign materials, and development of transportation plans. 

Pro tip: Let OCTA help you with the ETC workload. Contact brionna@celtis.com.

Be the Best!

OCTA can help maximize employee benefits, minimize workplace costs, and adopt the habits of a top commuter workplace. For questions, contact OCTA’s Employer Transportation Consultant, Brionna Simons at brionna@celtis.com.

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