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2019 CEO Initiatives and Action Plan

Each year, OCTA CEO Darrell E. Johnson creates initiatives for improving Orange County transportation. The CEO Initiative and Action Plan was approved at the OCTA Board meeting on February 11 in alignment with the 2019 Board Strategic Initiatives. The action plan consists of 10 initiatives that support the OCTA strategic plan goal areas of mobility, public service, fiscal responsibility, stewardship and organizational excellence and is implemented through 73 projects and programs and monitored through 88 milestones.

  • Cultivate Organizational Excellence
  • Deliver on the Promises of Measure M
  • Enhance Safety & Security Measures
  • Expand Transit Opportunities
  • Implement Major Capital Projects
  • Maintain Open Communication with Stakeholders
  • Optimize Express & Managed Lanes
  • Plan for Future Growth
  • Preserve Fiscal Sustainability Through Prudent Financial Planning
  • Promote Environmental Stewardship & Alternative Transportation
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